Baylor Interdisciplinary Core

Interdisciplinary Curriculum - Global Perspective - Academic Community

The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core explores the interrelation of humanities and social sciences, providing students with a broad context to understand the contemporary world. Exploring literature and thought from around the world, BIC students receive a global education that prepares them to thrive in any field.


"In my experience, I have found the BIC has the best professors, hardest working and most critical thinking students at Baylor."

Hannah Rose Hunt

"I find the interaction with BIC students to be the most rewarding part of teaching.  I most enjoy the classes where I can feel the enthusiasm for a primary text building as we peel back the layers of a text."

Dr. Davide Zori

"As a student, I developed a love for interdisciplinary learning and realize that I did not have to limit my interest to one academic discipline or subject."

Courtney Davis